Hi there.  My name is Georgia, and I’m one half of this blog – Dave and Georgia.  Me and Dave have been married for 15 years, and have 3 children; 12, 9 and 7. We currently live in Devon, and absolutely love it. Though we seem to move house every 4 years so who knows where we will be living next.

We decided to start writing a blog together because we both love working on the house and garden. If Dave’s not outside gardening then you’ll find him inside sweating away in the Kitchen.  And if you don’t find me in our office upstairs trawling through emails you’ll find me upcycling some old furniture.  Although truth be told, the best place to find us is in the garage going DIY.

We’re a bit of a minimalist family. Which we can definitely thank moving around on a regular basis for. When you’ve needed to chuck your life in a bag on a regular basis, object’s don’t hold quite the same value.

On this blog expect to see lots of renovation and DIY ideas, recipes and health food posts, gardening tips and tricks and upcycling ideas.  I hope you enjoy reading our blog.  We’ll be back to post some more blogposts soon.

Dave and Georgia