Keeping your house clean and tidy

Being a mum, one of the hardest things to keep clean and organised in my house is toys.  Everyday, or occasionally multiple times a day, I find myself nagging at my children to pick up their toys and tidy them away.  Even though we currently live in a large house now, toys and kids stuff still accumulates and builds up.  So I wanted to share with you all some helpful tips and tricks to decluttering your house from toys, and finally being able to keep them under control.


Throw away broken toys.

broken toy

I can’t even comprehend how many times I`ve kept old, broken toys or pieces of puzzles in the hopes that we’ll fix them or find the rest.  Enough is enough, trash all the odd pieces of toys, broken dolls and missing pieces. Believe me you will find yourself with so much more room.  


Old toys

My children have so many old toys that they no longer play with. However, when it comes to giving away old toys they suddenly become their favourite toy that they cannot part with.  In my family we have a rule; if toys aren’t used in over 2 months they have to go.  Making it a part of a seasonal tidy up can help, and letting the children pass their toys onto those less fortunate can give them a sense of generosity and pride.



Using bins and baskets to hold toys is a great way to know where everything is.  When everything has a place it is so much easier to tidy them away at the end of the day. Children only learn how to be neat and organised through their parents; so showing them how to organise is the best way to go.